Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We all have to understand one fact before I say anything else. Violence in part of the human nature whether you think so or not. It is a part of our fight or flight response which is no different then the animal world which we are a part of. For some it takes little or nothing to get them into a rage while others can take an huge amount of provocation before they will explode but in the final analysis is we will all reach a certain point then explode and at that point, you have two choices namely to run or fight, and if you cant run you will fight.

Violence is part of you, all you can do is to try to keep cool and do nothing unless there is no other recourse then, fight without reservation. After you know you did your very best to avoid the situation then it time to defend yourself and never feel sorry for defending yourself, if you don't defend yourself who will do it for you? Some like to think they are not capable of violence but when confronted with a life and death situation this would be the furthermost thought from their mind and they would lash out against whoever is assaulting them, it is only a human reaction to survive.

As I have always said every encounter you ever get into will be lost because of the fact you got into the encounter in the first place. As I have always said, fighting is the lowest form of arbitration but there are times when words or actions mean nothing and you just have to defend yourself or be brutally beaten up if not killed. Nobody wants to fight and hurt people unless there is something wrong with their mind, but sadly there are those types as well, so learning a dependable defense system is of great need.

Violence in any form is ugly and the very meaning of the Martial Arts is to form good relationships with people and find ways to control our violent nature by self examination and justifying all our actions through the disciplines with learn in our martial art philosophy. We learn to respect all people as well as diminish the intensity of our ego. In simple words we learn to let things go, like water off a ducks back. Of course this does not mean we are willing to take a beating if attacked, it means we will do everything within our power to avoid situations where violence may be needed. This is the best we can do as humans, just try to get along with others and respect others opinions and you will limit violent encounters by fifty percent or more with a good attitude like this.

But having said all this violence still exists in the world and we as martial artists are always alert to sudden attacks without provocation. Then we don't think any more we just act or pay the consequences. Unless there is a second coming and only love exists I don't see any changes in human kind, we are what we are and what we are is the human animal that will fight like any another animal when pushed into a corner. Therefore our art which does not teach violence but rather how to survive it, must be used. Those that hesitate are simply beaten up, robbed or killed. Remember, even Jesus used violence in the Temple to show his distaste for human greed. And the God of Abraham said Vengeance is mine. If God can get pissed off sometimes I think your entitled to the same for the sake of justice and self survival.. What do you think?

Buddha Bless

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