Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Don'ts

Here are ten points that will assure your success in learning a Martial Art.

1. Don't compare yourself to other students, only focus on yourself.

2. Don't become discouraged with slow progress, it comes in stages.

3. Don't become complacent, or your will miss the real secrets.

4. Don't rush to learn, let it come naturally, just rather enjoy the journey.

5. Don't ever think you are reached your fullest potentials or the learning is over.

6. Don't be afraid to invest in loss. In winning all the time, you will lose the lessons gained by lose, therein lies the greatest of secrets.

7. Don't be afraid to face your errors, errors are the mother of learning, if you look at them.

8. Don't become lazy in your training, always put your best foot forward.

9. Don't expect anything but do everything and you wont miss a beat.

10. Don't ever give up on yourself, you are worth it.

As I have often said; Learning the Arts is not difficult, it is YOU who are hard to teach. Within all of you lie the Master, All you need do is bring him/her out into the open. This comes from the intent of ones desire to achieve the best for themselves. Sort out your weak points and accentuate your strong points. This is the key to the door to release the master within you.


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