Monday, September 28, 2009

Six tips for staying happy...

1. Accept yourself – You are what you are, accept yourself and don't think for a minute you are either bad or good You are just you with all your faults as well as good points. This is what makes you, you. Love yourself for nobody else will love you the way you do..

2. Happiness is a state of mind - Try to remember really everything is as it should be, there is no bad nor good it all comes from your mind and the fear of not be considered Good. You are good. Your perfect, that's why your you. Don't look of happiness, it is with you now, just focus on it.

3. Prioritize your life - Lean towards the things you want to do, as opposed to what others want you to do. Of course find the balances, but never put your needs second, nobody else does, why should you? We all must find our won way, do not depend on others for your happiness.

4. Stay in the company of happy people - People who bring you down should be avoided. People who cry on your shoulder should find another shoulder not yours. Don't be with those who drain your spiritual energy and optimism. Be with those that boost your spirits and bring a smile to your face..

5. Be grateful - learn to be content and happy with what you have now, even if not much, enjoy it and don't become attached to material things. Be grateful for the moment no matter what it is, it can always be worse.

6. Have no expectations - Just take it as it comes, to have expectations to be setting yourself up for disappointments..


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The Martial Arts is more then just defense, tricks to overcome an opponent, it is so much more then just fighting, but that is the part most see when they hear the words Martial Arts. Actually it is a way of life, a path to self discovery, a discipline that can carry you through the hard times that life is sure to bring. It is a constant means for us to examine our inner most core, which is the very reason for our fears and lack of confidence to accomplish whatever life throws at us.

The Martial Arts is a journey to self discovery, of what makes you tick, it brings to light your good points and allows you to find ways to overcome your weak points. It is an adventure in learning the secrets of life itself, if you follow the path into your own existence. The forms and techniques are but tests to see if you can spot your weakness then overcome them. By mastering each form or technique your focus becomes that much more clear. You will learn the way to hold your attention on points you have overlooked for most, if not all of your life.

The Martial Art does not teach violence but rather the avoidance of it. It teaches you respect for human life and your follow man. It teaches you how to lessen your ego, and rather then enhance it, thus becoming a more compete human being who nature has been tempered by discovery of the truth of your existence. The Arts is a challenge for you to find patience, and fortitude, which is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty in trying times. It teach perseverance to tackle any task to it successful conclusion.

The Arts is far more then just fighting, in fact, it teaches us not to fight unless there is no other way out of a situation. You will never find a martial artists looking for a fight but rather trying to avoid it altogether. It teaches love for all mankind and respect for life in every form, be it human or animal or even insect. Killing is life greatest sin, and no martial artist wants to destroy any form of life but rather enhance it, embrace it, and help foster it in any way we can.

The Martial Arts is a way to liberation from the mundane and cruel world and leads it followers to a more sublime way of existence. It teaches us there is hope for all of us to improve our present human condition to that of a sage if we take it to it furthest ends. Yes, our Art is misunderstood by those that are not leading such a life style, but those involved know these truths and that is why our Art has survived of so many hundreds of decades and will continue to do so as long as mankind continues to search for truth, peace and harmony in life.

Buddha Bless and Kwan Yin Protect

Friday, September 18, 2009


If you look at the Commercial Martial Arts publications all they talk about is MONEY!! As if money is everything, here are some of their headlines in these magazines. Double Your Income, Make more Money, Triple your enrollment,and the list goes on. But in a Traditional School none of this is our concern. We would rather have less students and money then break our code. To a business minded person this can not be understood. But the bottom line is we don't consider ourselves a business we are a learning center. We cater to those who wish to improve their life in some way. To develop a good character and be a disciplined and caring people who are confident and unafraid to face the world and all it challenges. If we make less so be it, if don't have contracts that is good, because we don't want to force people to stay or pay absurd amounts of money, we want people who want us and not by contract.

Commercial schools are just that, commercial, that means money first caring second and only if the money is there or they don't care anymore that is when the phone calls starts coming in from the collection agencies asking for the money owned to them. In a traditional school the costs are low and we make arrangements for those who are low on funds. It is always a hand shake and commitment that binds us together, not a contract. A true traditionalist would rather close their school then go commercial. We would rather have ten dedicated students then two hundred students who are not so dedicated. We make no sense when it comes to commercialism, we brake every rule a good business man would put into effort to gain students. We simply want to teach what we love most, namely the Arts. In fact we rarely advertise our schools, we believe our love for the Arts and fair and honest instruction is enough good advertisement.

I am not against business that what make our country grow, but we are not in business we are in an Art Form, a Way of Life, a Discipline to enhance the quality of our life. Our goal is to make friends and build a good character and develop confidence in our own abilities. This was how the Arts has survived all these centuries, it a love for what we do and the relationships we make along the way. Money is never the object of the having a school, as we say in the Arts, " there are no pockets in a shroud", so the accumulation of money is unless in the end. But love last forever, good deeds are long remembered, and lasting friendships are just priceless. Both money and greed are everywhere, and they have had some very negative effects on this world since the beginning, it not going to change anytime soon ether..

The Arts is more then fighting, that is the least important gift this Art offers, what is really important is to learn how not to fight by making friendships and learning to respect others and their feelings. We have noting to prove with the exception of becoming better people, more self reliant and unafraid to face whatever life throws at us, and for sure it will to all of us at some point in life. I have been teaching my whole life and my bank account is empty but my heart is full of love for what I do and the people I have meet over the years. When we teach, we do it out of Love for what we have, and only want to share this wonderful experience with anyone willing to step on the path.

Buddha Bless

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Brother and Sisterhood

I have yet to see a stronger bond then that of Martial Artist. It is truly your extended family, people who you train and sweat with, people who share the same goals and desire as you. People who believe in the same ideals as you and people who share your beliefs on loyalty, honor and respect. This is a martial arts family and no matter where we are in the world we stay together always in touch always helping out the other in any way we can. This is the family of martial artists.

I have almost no personal friends for a simple reason, we don't share the same goals and ideals as those of my brothers and sisters in the arts. We don't like the same things and we don't spend our time talking or practicing the arts. Therefore why bother with people who I don't have much in common with? All those around me are in some way connected to the Arts, even if not from your school it is still the Martial Arts and all martial artists share almost the same foundations no matter what the style as long has it is a legitimate arts style, Karate or Kung Fu or whatever, we all love the same principles and philosophy.

I have had contact with these people for over thirty years and we still send each other birthday cards and well wishes. What we have in common few understand outside the arts. We are indeed a fraternity of special people who share the same love namely the ARTS. If any of you stay in this art long enough you to will find your life revolving around your brothers and sisters. They will be the ones you associate with the most because therein you will find those that you are in agreement with your actions and thoughts about life and it meanings and how best to live it. We all help each other with moral support in times of need. And if one needs help, we all help any of our brothers or sisters without a second thought.

I think this alone is worth having in life, namely people you can trust and rely on. Friends come and go but martial arts brothers and sisters stay close to each other until each others last breath. I have never seen such devotion to traditions as that of martial artist. We are bound by our love for this discipline.

I hope those of you who are studying now stay long enough to find what many of us have found who are in the Art for years. The binding of our souls and striving to archive the perfections this art offers in return for your dedication. When I am in my Gwan I am at home, and I hope your feeling the same, if not it is only because you have not been there long enough or your don't get as involved as you should. If you do the next thing you will find is many people standing by your side who will always remain true to you and offer a helping hand in your times of need and as well sharing your good times and bad times as well. They will be your strength, your happiness and your souls mates now and for the rest of your life.

I will say it again, Martial Artists are the best people in the world, and I am proud to be a part of them . You are all my family, and I hope you consider me a part of yours? I am there for you for one simply reason, we are martial artists which means we are FAMILY!!!

Ma ShrYa
Buddha Bless

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Don'ts

Here are ten points that will assure your success in learning a Martial Art.

1. Don't compare yourself to other students, only focus on yourself.

2. Don't become discouraged with slow progress, it comes in stages.

3. Don't become complacent, or your will miss the real secrets.

4. Don't rush to learn, let it come naturally, just rather enjoy the journey.

5. Don't ever think you are reached your fullest potentials or the learning is over.

6. Don't be afraid to invest in loss. In winning all the time, you will lose the lessons gained by lose, therein lies the greatest of secrets.

7. Don't be afraid to face your errors, errors are the mother of learning, if you look at them.

8. Don't become lazy in your training, always put your best foot forward.

9. Don't expect anything but do everything and you wont miss a beat.

10. Don't ever give up on yourself, you are worth it.

As I have often said; Learning the Arts is not difficult, it is YOU who are hard to teach. Within all of you lie the Master, All you need do is bring him/her out into the open. This comes from the intent of ones desire to achieve the best for themselves. Sort out your weak points and accentuate your strong points. This is the key to the door to release the master within you.



We all have to understand one fact before I say anything else. Violence in part of the human nature whether you think so or not. It is a part of our fight or flight response which is no different then the animal world which we are a part of. For some it takes little or nothing to get them into a rage while others can take an huge amount of provocation before they will explode but in the final analysis is we will all reach a certain point then explode and at that point, you have two choices namely to run or fight, and if you cant run you will fight.

Violence is part of you, all you can do is to try to keep cool and do nothing unless there is no other recourse then, fight without reservation. After you know you did your very best to avoid the situation then it time to defend yourself and never feel sorry for defending yourself, if you don't defend yourself who will do it for you? Some like to think they are not capable of violence but when confronted with a life and death situation this would be the furthermost thought from their mind and they would lash out against whoever is assaulting them, it is only a human reaction to survive.

As I have always said every encounter you ever get into will be lost because of the fact you got into the encounter in the first place. As I have always said, fighting is the lowest form of arbitration but there are times when words or actions mean nothing and you just have to defend yourself or be brutally beaten up if not killed. Nobody wants to fight and hurt people unless there is something wrong with their mind, but sadly there are those types as well, so learning a dependable defense system is of great need.

Violence in any form is ugly and the very meaning of the Martial Arts is to form good relationships with people and find ways to control our violent nature by self examination and justifying all our actions through the disciplines with learn in our martial art philosophy. We learn to respect all people as well as diminish the intensity of our ego. In simple words we learn to let things go, like water off a ducks back. Of course this does not mean we are willing to take a beating if attacked, it means we will do everything within our power to avoid situations where violence may be needed. This is the best we can do as humans, just try to get along with others and respect others opinions and you will limit violent encounters by fifty percent or more with a good attitude like this.

But having said all this violence still exists in the world and we as martial artists are always alert to sudden attacks without provocation. Then we don't think any more we just act or pay the consequences. Unless there is a second coming and only love exists I don't see any changes in human kind, we are what we are and what we are is the human animal that will fight like any another animal when pushed into a corner. Therefore our art which does not teach violence but rather how to survive it, must be used. Those that hesitate are simply beaten up, robbed or killed. Remember, even Jesus used violence in the Temple to show his distaste for human greed. And the God of Abraham said Vengeance is mine. If God can get pissed off sometimes I think your entitled to the same for the sake of justice and self survival.. What do you think?

Buddha Bless