Sunday, October 31, 2010

This President

I don't say much about politics on our Kung fu page or facebook because I know how deeply entrenched people are into their beliefs. However, in this Blog I always say what is on my mind, and this is it.

This President, in my opinion, is the worst we ever had. I was joking with another Teacher and said I am dressing up this Halloween as the President and going out as a Failure..

This President,is sending the country down the socialist road. The people he knows and interacts with should be enough to show most people his inner thoughts and character. It is my guess, he will take this country down if left unchecked.

My prediction is this, if this president continues as he is doing now, this county will go down, I see wars. I see a breakdown again in the economy. I see civil unrest as never before in this country. I would like nothing better than to be totally wrong, but my guts say, I am right.. Time will time won't it.....

I am going on 69 years of age now, and I can honestly say I have never seen this country so divided as now.. My prediction is this country is on the verge of big change, and not for the better. I would like nothing better then to be wrong...