Friday, September 18, 2009


If you look at the Commercial Martial Arts publications all they talk about is MONEY!! As if money is everything, here are some of their headlines in these magazines. Double Your Income, Make more Money, Triple your enrollment,and the list goes on. But in a Traditional School none of this is our concern. We would rather have less students and money then break our code. To a business minded person this can not be understood. But the bottom line is we don't consider ourselves a business we are a learning center. We cater to those who wish to improve their life in some way. To develop a good character and be a disciplined and caring people who are confident and unafraid to face the world and all it challenges. If we make less so be it, if don't have contracts that is good, because we don't want to force people to stay or pay absurd amounts of money, we want people who want us and not by contract.

Commercial schools are just that, commercial, that means money first caring second and only if the money is there or they don't care anymore that is when the phone calls starts coming in from the collection agencies asking for the money owned to them. In a traditional school the costs are low and we make arrangements for those who are low on funds. It is always a hand shake and commitment that binds us together, not a contract. A true traditionalist would rather close their school then go commercial. We would rather have ten dedicated students then two hundred students who are not so dedicated. We make no sense when it comes to commercialism, we brake every rule a good business man would put into effort to gain students. We simply want to teach what we love most, namely the Arts. In fact we rarely advertise our schools, we believe our love for the Arts and fair and honest instruction is enough good advertisement.

I am not against business that what make our country grow, but we are not in business we are in an Art Form, a Way of Life, a Discipline to enhance the quality of our life. Our goal is to make friends and build a good character and develop confidence in our own abilities. This was how the Arts has survived all these centuries, it a love for what we do and the relationships we make along the way. Money is never the object of the having a school, as we say in the Arts, " there are no pockets in a shroud", so the accumulation of money is unless in the end. But love last forever, good deeds are long remembered, and lasting friendships are just priceless. Both money and greed are everywhere, and they have had some very negative effects on this world since the beginning, it not going to change anytime soon ether..

The Arts is more then fighting, that is the least important gift this Art offers, what is really important is to learn how not to fight by making friendships and learning to respect others and their feelings. We have noting to prove with the exception of becoming better people, more self reliant and unafraid to face whatever life throws at us, and for sure it will to all of us at some point in life. I have been teaching my whole life and my bank account is empty but my heart is full of love for what I do and the people I have meet over the years. When we teach, we do it out of Love for what we have, and only want to share this wonderful experience with anyone willing to step on the path.

Buddha Bless

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