Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The Martial Arts is more then just defense, tricks to overcome an opponent, it is so much more then just fighting, but that is the part most see when they hear the words Martial Arts. Actually it is a way of life, a path to self discovery, a discipline that can carry you through the hard times that life is sure to bring. It is a constant means for us to examine our inner most core, which is the very reason for our fears and lack of confidence to accomplish whatever life throws at us.

The Martial Arts is a journey to self discovery, of what makes you tick, it brings to light your good points and allows you to find ways to overcome your weak points. It is an adventure in learning the secrets of life itself, if you follow the path into your own existence. The forms and techniques are but tests to see if you can spot your weakness then overcome them. By mastering each form or technique your focus becomes that much more clear. You will learn the way to hold your attention on points you have overlooked for most, if not all of your life.

The Martial Art does not teach violence but rather the avoidance of it. It teaches you respect for human life and your follow man. It teaches you how to lessen your ego, and rather then enhance it, thus becoming a more compete human being who nature has been tempered by discovery of the truth of your existence. The Arts is a challenge for you to find patience, and fortitude, which is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty in trying times. It teach perseverance to tackle any task to it successful conclusion.

The Arts is far more then just fighting, in fact, it teaches us not to fight unless there is no other way out of a situation. You will never find a martial artists looking for a fight but rather trying to avoid it altogether. It teaches love for all mankind and respect for life in every form, be it human or animal or even insect. Killing is life greatest sin, and no martial artist wants to destroy any form of life but rather enhance it, embrace it, and help foster it in any way we can.

The Martial Arts is a way to liberation from the mundane and cruel world and leads it followers to a more sublime way of existence. It teaches us there is hope for all of us to improve our present human condition to that of a sage if we take it to it furthest ends. Yes, our Art is misunderstood by those that are not leading such a life style, but those involved know these truths and that is why our Art has survived of so many hundreds of decades and will continue to do so as long as mankind continues to search for truth, peace and harmony in life.

Buddha Bless and Kwan Yin Protect

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