Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Brother and Sisterhood

I have yet to see a stronger bond then that of Martial Artist. It is truly your extended family, people who you train and sweat with, people who share the same goals and desire as you. People who believe in the same ideals as you and people who share your beliefs on loyalty, honor and respect. This is a martial arts family and no matter where we are in the world we stay together always in touch always helping out the other in any way we can. This is the family of martial artists.

I have almost no personal friends for a simple reason, we don't share the same goals and ideals as those of my brothers and sisters in the arts. We don't like the same things and we don't spend our time talking or practicing the arts. Therefore why bother with people who I don't have much in common with? All those around me are in some way connected to the Arts, even if not from your school it is still the Martial Arts and all martial artists share almost the same foundations no matter what the style as long has it is a legitimate arts style, Karate or Kung Fu or whatever, we all love the same principles and philosophy.

I have had contact with these people for over thirty years and we still send each other birthday cards and well wishes. What we have in common few understand outside the arts. We are indeed a fraternity of special people who share the same love namely the ARTS. If any of you stay in this art long enough you to will find your life revolving around your brothers and sisters. They will be the ones you associate with the most because therein you will find those that you are in agreement with your actions and thoughts about life and it meanings and how best to live it. We all help each other with moral support in times of need. And if one needs help, we all help any of our brothers or sisters without a second thought.

I think this alone is worth having in life, namely people you can trust and rely on. Friends come and go but martial arts brothers and sisters stay close to each other until each others last breath. I have never seen such devotion to traditions as that of martial artist. We are bound by our love for this discipline.

I hope those of you who are studying now stay long enough to find what many of us have found who are in the Art for years. The binding of our souls and striving to archive the perfections this art offers in return for your dedication. When I am in my Gwan I am at home, and I hope your feeling the same, if not it is only because you have not been there long enough or your don't get as involved as you should. If you do the next thing you will find is many people standing by your side who will always remain true to you and offer a helping hand in your times of need and as well sharing your good times and bad times as well. They will be your strength, your happiness and your souls mates now and for the rest of your life.

I will say it again, Martial Artists are the best people in the world, and I am proud to be a part of them . You are all my family, and I hope you consider me a part of yours? I am there for you for one simply reason, we are martial artists which means we are FAMILY!!!

Ma ShrYa
Buddha Bless

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