Monday, September 28, 2009

Six tips for staying happy...

1. Accept yourself – You are what you are, accept yourself and don't think for a minute you are either bad or good You are just you with all your faults as well as good points. This is what makes you, you. Love yourself for nobody else will love you the way you do..

2. Happiness is a state of mind - Try to remember really everything is as it should be, there is no bad nor good it all comes from your mind and the fear of not be considered Good. You are good. Your perfect, that's why your you. Don't look of happiness, it is with you now, just focus on it.

3. Prioritize your life - Lean towards the things you want to do, as opposed to what others want you to do. Of course find the balances, but never put your needs second, nobody else does, why should you? We all must find our won way, do not depend on others for your happiness.

4. Stay in the company of happy people - People who bring you down should be avoided. People who cry on your shoulder should find another shoulder not yours. Don't be with those who drain your spiritual energy and optimism. Be with those that boost your spirits and bring a smile to your face..

5. Be grateful - learn to be content and happy with what you have now, even if not much, enjoy it and don't become attached to material things. Be grateful for the moment no matter what it is, it can always be worse.

6. Have no expectations - Just take it as it comes, to have expectations to be setting yourself up for disappointments..


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