Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freedom to Live

If you knew today was you last day on earth, and not worried about it, what would you really like to do? Well whatever your answer is, ask yourself why then are you not doing that today? People tend to think somebody else is going to die today, but not me. Child or adult it makes no difference to death. Children die everyday by the thousands in this world. Death is ageless, It has no regard for your present age, conditions young and old alike die, it takes you when your time comes without a second thought. None of this is being said to frighten you, but rather to remind you of what you should remind yourself each day of your life. If you do, you wont let a moment go by so quickly, you will embrace it and savor the moment for what it is no matter what your doing.

Death can change the quality of your life by the gentle reminder to live fully and learn, and enjoy and don't be afraid to live freely, savoring your desires to know and experience them freely. You can even be thankful for "bad" things because often they lead to something positive through learning, changing and growing. The secret to happiness is having your basic physical needs sustainably met for health warmth, clean air, clean water, nutritious food, rest and movement, and a variety of interesting things to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, having the freedom to make your own decisions about your life, without fear of criticism from others for your life style.

According to Karmic Law we are born for certain periods time so as to balance our Karmic scale then and only then can we leave this vibrational state of existence so we may move upward in evolutionary development. I asked, in one of my email's, are you really free? Well, the answer to that question is NO! Only those who are awakened are really free. Until that day arrives you are a slave caught in the illusion, this is not freedom, it is slavery is of the worst kind. As long as you are trapped by the illusion of Yin and Yang you will always lean one way or the other, and never finding balance, thus freedom.

You are not free, you are captive, forever, choosing this or that, fearful of this or that, denying this or that, judging this or that and even with your judgement calls you wont be find satisfaction. In your heart you will be wishing it were different, but the power of the dream is too overwhelming for the average person to overcome. You need a discipline, a path a direction to follow so as to be shown the clearing ahead to the top of the mountain, the way through the dream, and into reality, then you will be fully awake and thus fully alive and content with life as it is, without the phoniness associated with the dream. You will be truly alive and free then and only then.

Freedom is happiness, freedom from your Master namely the illusion. You can live happier today if you take the chains off your free will, live as you feel, your inner naturalness cant make a mistake, only the thinking calculating mind can cause confusion and doubt. Until you are free you will always remain the slave of the illusion. You make your decisions according to societies rules, not yours, you live according to societies demands, not yours, You do this because of the threat of punishment by society or others criticisms if your don't. You are not your own master as long as you are caught in this web of yin and yang. Some will say we have no choice, it is either yin or yang, what else is there? There is choice not to take either, it is the third choose not spoken of by society because it is to dangerous for societies survival. The sage takes neither choice but rather simply follows his or her inner callings.

This reminds me of a story I have told before; but I will tell it again for those who not read it. There were two monks walking down a road, when they came upon a large floor of water blocking the path. There by the flooded waters stood a woman wondering how she was going to pass over the water without getting herself wet. Now monks are not supposed to touch or even look at woman for fear it would arise sexual thoughts, but one of the monks picked the woman up into his arms and carried her across the water and put her down on the other side. The other monks was shocked, and after some time asked his follow monk, "how could you do that?" "Do what? Replied the other monk." Pick up that woman, was his reply. The other monk looked at him and said, I put her down hours ago,, yet you still carry her, why so?... End of story

This is an example of what we do each day of our life, carry our fears with us, if we but put it all down and forget good or bad, yin or yang we could learn to do what we see fit to do without guilt or shame. Simply doing what comes naturally, without regrets. Knowing the ways of existence brings with it the freedom to break free of the dream and live as nature intended you to live. FREE At Last!!! FREE at Last!!

Buddha Bless

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Martial Arts Beliefs

Tantra, Buddhism , Taoism all speak of finding the truth of existence. There will always be those who seek Religions, and some also practice Buddhism or Taoism or Tantra as a religion, but they are not. Once you change these philosophies into religions you are lost again. They are not religions they are philosophies that don't center on a God but rather theories of existence that make a great deal of sense when analyzed closely.

We as humans have always sought after the power that created the wonders around us. We associated all this with a being that did it all and it is this being who judges us and control all the wonders of the universe out of chaos, yet everything is perfect in every way. This order is unexplainable so they associate it a higher power, rather then the perfection of existence. The Chinese don't have a name for God, so they call it the workings of the Tao. A force that although appears to be chaotic is perfect. So we assume there is some kind of control, therefore there must be a God doing all this.

What is the Tao nobody knows, it is beyond our human comprehension. But logically speaking with such order out of disorder their must be some form of awareness of consciousness in control or everything would cease to exist. In reality there is nothing to pray to nothing to fear there is no sin there is no hell there is no heaven. There is only what you project to be real. The sad part of this is we are like a genie in a bottle, what we wish for will at some point come into existence. If you believe in a hell, you will create one. This story came's from the New Testament. The was a place just outside of Rome where dead bodies were dumped, it become know as the place of hell. So hell was born into the imagination, we create our a dream and believe in it and with this belief the dream becomes real in time.

There is a greater power, but don't associate it with some being who will judge you, you will in the final analysis judge yourself. There is no being that wants to dam you to eternal damnation, you will do that yourself, this your are capable of without the help of any one God. You are a product of nature, or should I say existence. Like all other creations you are subject to the laws of the universe, the laws of creation and destruction. You are never ending, you are nothing more then the matter which is physical material as opposed to spiritual; you are a substance of a particular composition and consistency ( mass,is a fundamental concept in physics) of the universe in human form.

If you understand all this and believe it you can live fear free knowing all is as it should be. That's you will never die, but only take on new form as matter evolves into a different form of mass. There is nothing good nor bad, it is only how you define things. Yet people live their lives in fear of breaking some kind of law that will condemn them to eternal punishment. They live the whole life in fear of doing something wrong. You cant ! You cant change your roll as a human, You can change your thinking but not your humanness. Just live as you feel this will come from your humanness, you don't need a manual on humanness, to find out how to live, or follow some prescribed way to live. A dog follow his nature, so should a human being. You would say it is ridiculous to have a bible for the dogs, they are dogs and should live as a dog lives and nothing more. Yet we do that already as humans. This is because humans don’t know who they are to begin with and the dogs do.

Fear freezes you up, restricts your life and happiness, All this comes from believing is children's stories. Free you spirit, live freely, you are intrinsically good, not evil. I ask you what in the universe is evil??? As they say:: Its all Good! Now live as you feel, and feel as you live...

Buddha Bless

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Real Character

As my student Master level Eric Sbarge so apply put it " which would you rather have it say on your tombstone, " Here lies a man who could kick your butt" or " He lies a man who was compassionate, gentle and loving" Well said Eric!, because in essence that's what it is all about in life. Living life in harmony with others and the world around us. Here is another paradox of Taoist thought; You are important and unique, there is no question of that, and your existence matters so as to maintain the balance of the universe, but on the other hand you are insignificant in the scope of things.

What counts in life is how you deal with life. Don't take it so seriously, yet, don't' miss the chance, there is that annoying paradox of Zen again. It is important yet, it is unimportant, both exist, you have to balance the both of them. What matters is finding the balance of things, as the saying goes; a balanced scale neither goes up nor down, but rather finds it center and stops..

Nothing matters yet everything matters, down to the last second of human life. We have to find the important points of life. It not making money, or attaining the American Dream, it is finding peace, contentment, and banishing our fears. Money is meaningless paper. Yet people call money the root of all evil, still I say it is not, people are the root of all evil. Money is ok if you don't make it an another obsession. All you really need is a roof over your head for shelter and some food, maybe a place you can call your own where you can hide from the world , we tend to call this place... HOME. That's all you really need, all else it simply over extravagance, unneeded, garbage.

So what is good character? The dictionary defines it as : a quality indicative of the nature of an object or an organism. So, if you look you will see the word nature. So the word character doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means, like saying this person is; loyal, or selfish, or friendly, or nasty. This has nothing to do with our real nature. These are qualities are inherited by being infected by the illusion. Character means what is in your heart, knowing who and what you are. Knowing what's really important that brings you into balance with your nature. You are part of the Tao, there is no escape of what you are, Your were born out of existence, and will end by moving back into existence. Your character is that which comes with inherent humanness.

The character I speak of is your real character which comes from the Tao not society or your upbringing. But I ask you how real are you now, what role are you playing now, how are you fooling yourself today? As I keep reminding you, don't live by society rules, they changing day by day. Live by natures rules, have been in existence since the conception of time was realized. These are the essential rules to live by, it should be easy as this nature comes with your appearance into existence at the time of your birth, but the second after birth the conditioning starts and we loss our real nature into the ever developing illusion, obstructing the truth of who you are..

Be yourself, but without the phoniness society imposes on you. Live as you feel, and feel as you live, experience life as it was meant to be experienced before you were blinded by the illusion. There is no sin greater then missing the point of your existence. Because if you miss, you will continue to suffer, your life will be enslaved by your fears, you will continue to seek the unattainable from an illusion. The sad part is that you know it is a dream yet, your still pilled into it, helpless as a new born infant, this is the only sin. That's is why we all must continue to work toward freeing ourselves, so our real nature can emerge, this is enlightenment.

Your character is the same as mine, if we strip away the influences of society and reveal the dream for what it is, we will all understand this point clearly. We are the human animal, homosapien. As humans, we seek to understand and influence the environment around us by trying to explain and manipulate natural phenomena. Here is where we make the mistake, don't try to manipulate, rather we all must learn to flow with the Tao and again be part of our original nature. One who does, their character will naturally be a good one, for they will be in harmony with their naturalness and that naturalness is the Tao.

Buddha Bless

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Great Search

Life is a search, a constant search, a desperate search but what your searching for you have no idea. All you know is your missing something but you know not what it is, so the search is always on.

Whatever you find never seem to be what your looking for, whatever you find bring you no satisfaction, your search leads you again to searching again for the elusive something that will bring satisfaction, but it never does.

There is a certain state of mind in which whatsoever you get is not going to bring you satisfaction. Frustration seems to be the destiny of humanity, because whatever you get becomes meaningless. The moment you get it, you start searching again.

The reason for this frustration is because what you are searching for does not quench the thirst of the soul. Until you find the truth it is like drinking salt water, the more you drink the sicker you become and the thirst is never quenched.

The answer lies in finding the truth, then the search is over, this is enlightenment, like drinking pure cool water, the thirst is GONE..........

There is nothing in the world that will help you, for Truth is not part of this illusion, it is fake, salt water, it looks like water but it is not, drinking it does nothing but make you sick.

Look for the reality, there you will find the cool stream you seek, the search will be over, your thirst will be quenched.........

A true martial arts school main focus is finding the pure stream of salt free water; thus bringing the follower the relief they seek in life. It is so much more them fighting, fighting is easy, just go slap someone in the face, and the fight is on, but try finding love, compassion, and forgiveness, and all fights come to an end. Truth will set you free of the eternal search.