Monday, September 19, 2011

Why so Much Violence in the World?

Why so much Violence in the World? When you really think of it, it's not God fault there is no so much violence in the world, it is mankind's fault, Yet people will say "God Why Me?" Yes, there are earthquakes and all kinds of natural disasters, and of course these can be sad events, but it is not an act of God, it's nature, the majority of violent problems comes from people. The very reason the Arts came into existence was because mankind, we have a tendency to want to beat the hell out of each other or kill one another for whatever reason.. We don't fight rainstorms or volcano's, we fight other people. Violence is running wild in the world. Just turn on the news and listen and all you here about is killings, one after another, sixteen killed today, hundreds blown up in bomb attacks, who killed who or who is fighting with who. It is literally a killing festival and after each news broadcast you can count the thousands that were killed that day alone.

The list is endless, most of the news is filled with events like this every day of the year more then any other types of news, you might find one good story about someone caring for another or helping another, but the violence totally outweighs those kind of reports fifty to one.. Stop blaming God and start blaming mankind. I ask you how much trouble have you caused to others in your short life span here. Or better yet how much good have you done for someone this day, I think that is the rarity, as this virtue stems from Love which is surely lacking in the world.

I remember seeing on the news a man who was hit by a car and people did not do a thing, they just let him lay in the street and waked around the body to cross the street as he lay dying. Yet another time I saw on the news a motor cyclist get hit by a car and people rushed in to pick the car up the car that trapped him underneath. This is what we should all be doing, not just turning our head to those in need.

This new candidate Perry who is running for President, he brags his state has executed more people then any other state in the union, wow! There something to be proud of right, ya right! When asked if he can sleep at night, he said he has no problem, although it has been proven many innocent people have been wrongly killed by capital punishment, oh well win some loss some!

To some killing seems to be the answer that will solve the problem. Maybe it would be better to find out why such violence exists, seems to me that makes more sense. Chances are you will find it is our laws and how we treat people that causes so much violence to begin with. I ask you, if people had enough money and were living well enough and loved one another, how much violence would there be left? I dare say not much at all.

This is why the biblical writings speak of Love as the cure for mankind, and non judgements. It is the lack of these elements that separates all of mankind. The world is separated although we all share the same world, and we should all be sharing the gifts of the world. We are even destroying the very world we live on. Yes, mankind is the most dangerous and violent of all the species. People in the world choose their religion, some are who a Jews, or Muslims, or Christians and all preach love yet, etc, yet it is these very people that fight or kill in the name of God. In fact, there is more blood spilled over religion then anything else !

Can you imagine religions speak of Love and sets rules for being good to your follow man yet what do we do, we kill those who don't agree. People are staving in certain countries right now, children literally dying of hunger, where here in the states we throw out food by the tons each day that could feed a country. If people were really as good as some make them out to be, food would be there within days to save the lives of these starving people, but it isn't, doesn't that tell you something?

It is mankind who is the greatest danger on earth. They tell us man has the biggest brain of all the species, yet animals don't even kill unless their is a need to live and feed. We kill for almost any reason you can think of and think nothing about it. We create weapons of mass destruction that are so dangerous if someone decides to push a button our own world would be totally destroyed this very day, and really I am not convinced we will not do that to in the long run. It is downright scary to think some one individuals who has control over such destruction, if they find a reason to lean on the button. Bye Bye world!!!!

We have more lawyers in the world I dare to count, why so, because people going after people left and right. Yet we make even more laws and the more we make the more that are broken with more people being prosecuted. No one is above committing some short of crime, even our own Police have been convicted on brutal charges, one such case was in the news just today and the news reports they beat a man to death, yet another Police officer in California today was charged with murder for beating a homeless man named Kelly Thomas to death, i believe he was 23 years old. Oh well, one more gone. Nobody is even safe from those who enforce the very laws that should protect us. We imprison people by the thousands in cells like animals, does such action make loving citizens out of them, more human insane logic. Because violence is on such a rampage did anyone stop to think maybe it is because of something society is doing that creates such violence?. Hmmm Maybe?

So again I ask, what causes all this violence? As I have always said it is lack of true Love and respect for each other. It is greed and power, money, judging and lack of true Love. There are some who have nothing while others have more then they need, who would not try to get some to live? People are only trying to survive in a brutal world, with a cold heart.

People are on all types of drugs either for medical reasons, or so called illegal drugs just to escape the hardships of life. If life is so good why then do people want to escape it? The answer should be obvious to all, it is because of lack of Love and consideration for others, people feel alone where no one to help. The odds are against people to do fairly well in this society, or any other society so they rob and steal or commit all kind of crimes just to make it in this world caring very little about the victim's.

In this country a recent poll showed six people out of twelve live in poverty ( news polling fact) yet costs keep going higher and higher in tax but paychecks remain the same. And that is our country, the so called best country in the world can you image the other less fortunate countries? Time for another antidepressant...

If we were really loving creatures don't you think we would care for our follow man and share the worlds abundance's with those who needed it? We are not separate, we all live in the same place in reality, namely the World! One planet divided by Greed, Power, Hatred and Mistrust, judgement and lack of real love for each other. Our system is not working, people are desperate and desperate people do desperate things to survive.

We arrest those who kill someone saying killing is a big NO NO ! yet we capture them and what do we do to show how bad killing is, we kill them to. To date 138 man have been found innocent and spent time in death row and in some cases they stayed there for years as much as twelve years according to the news. We put them in a electric chair and burn them to toast, we kill them with lethal injections or hang them or cut their head off in the name of Justice. We put a stipulation on killing, it is ok in war, or when someone is sentenced to die, or in self defense, but not at any other time, I ask you does this make sense to you, something is either good or bad it cant be both.? If you think it does your part of the problem yourself. If we could only get along as a race, violence would stop. If we valued life, killings would stop. But I must say some states have come to their senses and the death penalty is slowly becoming less, maybe there is hope for mankind? Just a fanciful thinking on my part..

If you really wanted our Earth to flourish, all you need do is get rid of all it people. Yet there are those who preach people are basically good and I believe to be true. But some have it easy since birth while other suffer from birth. It is this that drives them to the edge. It is the good people in the world who keep us from a total war and bringing an end to civilization. It is those sane God fearing people who make the big difference in keeping the balance, and a sense of sanity, so we don't start a world war.

Just maybe if we wake up in time and see the lunacy of humanity, we can prevent the total demise of our race. All we need do is to learn how to live in harmony with each other and find the love and respect we all deserve. And finally we must learn not to judge each other with such cruelty, then there is a chance we can make it as a intelligent and just race. We tend to divide the good from the bad but I ask you, who is perfect, even Jesus said " He who is without sin let him cast the first stone". If we can understand this profound statement, then I might agree there is a chance for our continued survival. But until this happens, people will continue to judge and condemn others without looking within their own heart. Until this day comes be sure you lock your door tonight before going to bed. Pray one day people will wake up, this will be the day violence comes to end, and love begins.

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