Monday, September 19, 2011

The Perfect Society

This is a fun article, a dream BUT POSSIBLE, so enjoy it. I know I often speak of truths or what I think are truths, but let deviate and try to imagine the Perfect Society. How could we develop such a thing. Well if we look back in Science Fiction movies or TV shows, like Star Trek you will see a society that did away with money. That's a good start I think because it causes more trouble then I can to talk about. Start Trek showed how people of all races even aliens could live together in peace. How about people needs such as food, well again Start Trek showed how they were able to reproduce food by matching the molecular structure of any food, so ended starving people in the world. Let me digress here by saying even now they can scan an object let say a wrench and then produced another wrench that actually works by re- scanning it into another machine that contain a substance that actually created another working wrench. You can check this out yourself by looking at this link, .So to in the future we could do this with a foods so ending starvation. One of the most popular movies was called the Matrix, which could very well be true in many ways. It was a computer program that produced a wonderland for all people, that is if it is programmed the right way of course, not like in the movie. Life would change from a bad dream to a wonderful dream. Of course this movie had the machines take over where I am taking about a controlled and wonderful machines that would solve the problems mankind simply cant, or so it seems.

We will then have to find a way to give all people proper living quarters and supply each with enough to live a long comfortable life. The world would have to unit borders would be open and all people would live together in harmony. There would be no need to rob or cheat people because we would all have the same. Education would be free and people would be educated in fields that would serve humility as as whole for its betterment.

In another Science fiction movie I saw years ago as a kid, a monster computer was built that took care of the needs of mankind but kept them in check. I think it was called Coleus, but I could be wrong about the name? It was built into a mountain and made sure people did not commit crimes or start wars. In essence this Hugh Computer solved problems of mankind and found cures for all diseases. The world was like a large commune where people worked for the benefit of all in the world. We all focused on the needs of humanity and nothing else. Of course we were all free to do as we wished and enjoy ourselves as well but, only those things that did not hurt others.

Is all this possible, the answer is yes of course and if we don't kill ourselves in the meantime there is a good chance the future could very well be like this. Governments would disappear because they are run by people and people are floured with desire, greed and the other emotions which tend to destroy or hurt others. In the futuristic world I am taking about there would be no need to steal or hurt people because we would basically have all have all we need to live a good life. The society we have now simply does not work, All you need do is look at the the state of the world and most would agree we are on the road to self destruction now.

Our population is growing and all we have in the world now is, those who have, and those who have not. Yet we are all brothers and sisters under the skin and of the same species and should care for one another. We should be working for the betterment of all mankind. All we do now is seek power and wealth, and as you know total power corrupts totally. Of course all this is science fiction but I must add most of the science fiction we pictured in our past has come to be in today's world, so it is possible this could be done.

One thing for sure the system we have today just don't work and is dividing people, people starving, people going to wars killing one another, some who have a great deal of wealth and live in the lap of luxury while other live on the streets and have nothing. Some who can get medical assistance while other cant afford to see a doctor and simply die. All this can be changed if we change our direction and come together as as people. Dream On!!!!!!! But is a nice dream don't you think???

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