Monday, September 12, 2011

A Master's Goal

So what is it that a Master wants from teaching people the arts? The answer is simple , namely to create successors to the arts so it may continue into the future. This is the primary goal of any Teacher or Master or Grand Master. The arts has survived for thousands of years and it has done so by passing the arts on to those who have that certain attributes a Master looks for in a student. So what are those attributes?

It is not just ones ability to perform techniques or demonstrate forms that make good teachers, it is the heart. Most who study long enough can show their skills in techniques or forms, but the thing that is hidden is the heart and dedication to the Art and its ethics that allow the arts to continue for generations to come. Without a love for all the traditions and loyalty to the arts it would have been lost centuries ago.

This is why I have often said, "Many are called but few are chosen". Any True Master is looking for the dedication and love which is what the Arts calls for continued existence. Great Grand Master Chang did not pick his students by their skills ability, it was their character that he looked at. Many would come to him literally begging to become one of his student, but if he thought that their character was lacking in some way he would not even consider taking them under his roof.

Of course every Teacher knows well not all will make it, for many come to the Arts for different reasons and more then likely they would leave for various reasons well before they could even be considered as a top student. This is ok, and it is also expected, so it is not shocking to any Teacher then people will come and go. But there are always a few that seem to have the love for what they do and are looking for a future in teaching others. These are the one's the Teachers eye watches closely. More often then not if he is wrong in his judgement their flaws in character will show up.

I must say some have even made it to Teacher levels and after some time their flaws then appear. This is always a heartbreak to any Teacher, but it does happen. Master's or Teacher Levels (Shifu) are but mere humans can be deceived at times, when this happens the Master or Teacher (Shifu) usually disowns them and moves on. However this is not common and for this reason our art lives on.

No matter how great the Master may be their will always be those who can not live up to the ethics and dedication our Art calls for. Even a Great Master such as Jesus, had one who betrayed him, namely Judas. But it was the remaining eleven who spread his teachings and created one of the worlds greatest religions.

For those looking to become a Teacher, all that is needed is the Love of what they do, follow your Masters teachings with sincerity, if you do, your Teacher will see this in time and your dream of becoming Teacher (Shifu) will become reality. Believe me when I tell you any good Shifu, Master, Grand Master or even Great Grand Master wants this to happen more then you will even know in order to safeguard his Art for future generations. This is the goal of any Teacher no matter what their level may be.

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