Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What If ?

What if, these are the biggest little words in the world. What if, we are wrong about everything that we know, or should I say what we think we know? What if, there is a God? What if, cosmologists are right that there are many dimensions of reality? Or maybe there is not three dimensions but rather, only one? What if physicists are correct about their findings in quantum physics that the world we think we know is an illusion? What if, time itself is an illusion? What If, those who had a NDE (near death experience) actually are seeing a glimpse of the afterlife? What if, there if there is spirit world or another dimensions we all go to after death? What if, The soul does exists and consciousness never dies with the physical body. What if, aliens do exist and we are only a products of their genetics? What if, such theories such as the String theory and M theory are in fact true? What if, reincarnation is a fact?

How can I say this when it seems to make no sense, there is no absolute proof of any of this. All these are only potentialities that have not been proven right or wrong. One thing for sure, if you close your mind nothing I just said will mean anything, it all becomes nonsense. But nothing of any value has ever been discovered with a closed mind, those who opened their mind to possibilities have achieved great discoveries.

There will always be those who say these are all possibilities, while others will refute all of this as all nonsense. But when the mind is closed nothing anyone says has any chance of agreement. All I can say is at one time we also thought the Sun revolved around the Earth and that was false, we also thought the earth was flat, another error. Mankind is has been proven wrong more then right most of the time. Of course we are always learning new facts, and each day as science progresses we know a little more. But still there is Hugh amount of knowledge we have no idea about as yet, to name one, what is life?

We have no idea how how life started only ideas or possibilities. What we don't know much when you think of it, even how our own consciousness works, even our own body is yet a mystery to us. Think about your life, one day you popped into existence out of the darkness, you have no recollection other then you know you were born and will die. Your life is a mystery, it consists of confusion, fear, pain, suffering and you don't know why. Some will tell you life itself has no purpose and nothing really matters, because death robs us all of everything we worked for in our short span here on Earth. This generation is like a wave hitting the shore and it gone. Billions of others have died already, and as I write this article other people are dying by the thousands this very second and in a short time after that it will be like they never existed at all.

So what does mankind do during the short life span we have? Well in short we kill each other and fight and hurt one another. We are envious of others for what they have and spend our time seeking power and money and status. We seek pleasure but never really finding it, for pleasure is fleeting at best. In short life is pain and suffering. We all feel we are misunderstood and few if any really knows us and our true feelings. So we seek another, a mate who we think we can lean on. One who we think knows us and our feelings and our wants and needs, and is able to give it to us. We look for the perfect love, which is just another dream. The reason is simple; nobody is happy or secure enough themselves to give it. We look to the other and the other looks to you, each lost in the search for love that never ends.

There is no one who can lessen our fears and shower us with love and affection without wanting it in return. Each looks to the other for something nether have, yet both want it! It is like the blind leading the blind, both are lost in a world of doubt, confusion as to what is real and tangible. We become attached, to people and material goods thinking that is all life has to offer. I ask you, does it not make more sense for mankind to join forces, helping each other instead of persecuting one another.

We are all one race of humans yet we are divided by race and beliefs. Whereas we should be helping each other, and join forces to find the answers that will help people lead a descent life for the time we share on this earth. We should be looking for the answers to the profound questions I have presented here, because if we find them our lives will have meaning and purpose. Sadly humans are the cruelest creatures on Earth, compassion, love and respect for each other and nature is lacking. Maybe we have no purpose at all, maybe we are born and simply die. That would mean life is meaningless just a throw of the cosmic dice, and crap shoot that nobody wins or loses. Yet we all try to sustain life for the only reason we fear death.

We plan for a future that has no guarantees of finding anything better, in fact it will get worse as we grow older and get sick, fear and uncertainly will grow worse. We think it is our duty to stay alive, but for what reason nobody seems to know other that we fear death.. And so, all we do is work and slave to find food, a home, and money so we can buy things we think will make us happy and content. But the truth of the matter is money does not make you happy, those who have great amounts of money tend to be as unhappy as those with none. Money only buys things, and that too wears off, so you buy more and more and it all amounts to the same thing, namely nothing at all. Some of the poorest people are better off because they appreciate the little things more. But no matter who we speak of the rich or the poor humans themselves are confused and lost in a world nobody can figure out.

On the other hand what if, the afterlife is in fact real? What if, death is but a doorway to another existence in a different form? It seems to me our life here in this plane of existence could be the hell the biblical writings speak of. They say hell is torture, forever craving for what you can't have, always wanting and never really finding satisfaction in anything or anyone. Our entire existence is spent in a search for the perfect life with all our desires satisfied. But the fact of the matter nothing material can bring pleasure for very long. it all wears off and we start our search again trying to find pleasure that never comes for any worthwhile duration of time. Is this not a hell, never finding eternal satisfaction and bliss?

We are always seeking what we can't find or have, is this not an inner torture? People don't like to admit they are not happy, but in their heart they know the truth. Deep within people there lies fear, worry, regrets, sorrow, unfulfilled desires and tension when you can't find the answers. Let's face this fact; mankind has been confused since we took our first breath, and opened its eyes as to "who am I" "Where did I come from" and "what is life's purpose". We have no idea, yet decades of time have passed, the questions remain the same. I am not convinced mankind will find the answer to these questions; I can only hope they do.

What if, we are all wrong and reality is far different then we think it is? Scientists have no idea what is real and what is just an illusion. When one scientist comes up with a theory about life and it meaning, another disputes it. And so the search for what is real is still going on within the scientific world. What is it they are looking for? They in fact don't know themselves. All they do know is that they don't know. The search goes on as they break down the atom itself into protons and neutrons and further yet into quarts only to find there is nothing there, all is empty. This leads to other theories but as usual they come with nothing they can say for sure about anything. They do know that quantum physics does not follow the universal laws that we thought to be the same throughout the universe. They also know the laws of quantum physics operates on a totally different level that science cannot understand, yet it is there and is shown that it works and exists yet still unknown as to why. One discovery only leads to more questions.

What if, death is the release? Maybe that is why when people die they always say; REST IN PEACE, and so I ask; were they not at peace in life? Obviously not! There is enormous suffering in the world, everywhere you look people are suffering with sickness, loss, or just trying to survive. The problems seem endless and people are in despair with no way out nor anyone that can help. This is why suicide exists, people feel death is better then living. Sleep has been called the small death, you loss the world. There is no unhappiness in sleep, you lose your identity and you find peace and rest. That’s why people who are depressed always like to sleep, it is the great escape from this world. When you awake the first thought is, I don't want to get out of bed, you would rather be sleeping. We don't even know the reason why people sleep, all they know if you don't you would go crazy in a number of days and start having delusions.

When we are young children we seem happy because we think the future will be good, kids cant wait to grow up, and when they do they wish they were kids again, because reality strikes home and they see and realize all the troubles and pain in the world and what it takes to survive. The older we get and live the more we realize you cant find what you really want that brings you bliss, it just doesn't exist in this world. And so the circle goes round and round with no end, always searching for what you cant find. Some my dispute this but I ask you where can you found pure lastly bliss?

This is why I always say, hell could very well be the here and now, and our spirit self really does exist. The afterlife is in fact our real home. A place where pain stops, the need for money food or any material things all fades away and you exist in pure unbounded love and bliss, HEAVEN! Those who have had a NDE (near death experience) often say once they saw paradise they never wanted to come back, they felt a feeling of unconditional love and peace. If true how wonderful this would be, would it not? I don't believe in a hell after death, how could a God who is defined as unconditional Love create a hell? This is not unconditional love it would have a stipulation. I truly believe it is all about LOVE.

Those who were revived from the NDE through medical intervention say being brought back was a traumatic experience to say the least. Their life completely changed but the fear of death was banished. In fact, many of these people say they were then looking forward to their real life in the next world. They felt dead and burdened in the physical form, it felt like carry around massive weight and a body and mind were filled with the burdens of life again. In many cases it took them months of time to adjust to this world again, but were never the same after the experience. What If, what they saw and say about their NDE is true? This all may sound glum to some readers, but to me it is a hope, a chance it could be right and this existences is but a testing ground to learn these facts. Life is nothing but a chance to better our self and prepare for the real existence in the spirit form.

What if, any of this is correct? If so then what should we be doing to find this paradise, maybe we should keep an open mind. Maybe we should try to change our perceptions and the way we live, if not we could very well suffer the rebirth, another incarnation to do it all over again. Nothing remains the same, your entire body chances about seven times through out your life, a new heart kidney in short everything, and even you mind changes. You don't believe today what you did years ago and more will change as long as you grow older. Change is the one constant, you should realize this fact and try not to be so steadfast in what you believe. The fact of the matter is you will change as time progresses whether you think so or not..

What if, our true punishment reincarnation? The Buddha said; he did not want to return, why isn't life great?, he certainly did not think so, and neither did Christ when he said "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." . Rest from what? Namely all we have been taking about in this article. Buddha's only goal was to escape the Karmic Wheel of Life and Death and Rebirth. Of course I don't have the answers; I am only giving you food for thought. I am only asking you, What If, I am right? Then what???

Let me drew this to end by telling you what I believe, I believe there is a higher power, call it by any name you like, I simply call it the Divine Source, what the Chinese call the Tao. I believe that our consciousness never dies, but it part of the universal consciousness and merges again with the universe after death of the body. I believe our brain is not a creator of thought but rather a receiver of thoughts and those thoughts come from a divine source. I believe we are in fact spiritual beings composed of light, the same light we return to after death. I believe organized religions are all the same, no one way is the only way. In fact, I believe no religion is needed, religions tend to divide us not join us, just look at the world now to see this is true.

I believe Love is the key. I believe there is no sin as we know it, God forgives all our sins, this again comes from the ignorance of not knowing who we are. I believe there are other dimension of devoid of time, a place that exist now and always has. I believe death is but a doorway to return to our real home and source. I believe once mankind finds these What if questions to be true then life will have served its purpose. Lastly, you may ask why then do I practice the Arts, which is so violent, the answer is because mankind has not yet found these answers, and until they do mankind will continue to hurt one another, so we need to protect our self. But if you study this art long enough the way will lead you to the answers I have discovered. The smarter you become the less you will fight and the greater your love will be towards your follow man and your God, fighting will end and true Love will begin.

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  1. Grandmaster, my name is Jill and I am the mother of two young sons, one of whom is a student at The Peaceful Dragon. I was a member myself at one time but had to withdraw due to medical reasons. In any case, I wanted to introduce myself before I commented on your post.

    I'll start with my first impression: WOW. What a silly word to describe something that has such a profound effect on me, but I do not know how to phrase it otherwise. I have often wondered the same things that you speak of, and have had long conversations about the circle of life and death. My mother is currently battling Stage 4 metastatic cancer and heart disease. While it pains me terribly to know that I will lose her in this life, to feel confident that she is going to another realm of pure bliss is very comforting. I believe that all lives are connected - perhaps all living creatures on this earth are, in some way. I believe that each person that you encounter has a specific meaning and purpose in your existence. If reincarnation is a fact, my theory supports the concept that every individual you develop a connection with in "this life" is someone you knew in a "past life". If you are fortunate enough to believe that people can be "made for each other" - faults and all - that could be a path to the best chance we humans have of lasting comfort... knowing there is a Divine Plan for your life, and the lives of others. Just a theory...

    You also commented that there is no unhappiness in sleep. I do not agree with this statement, as dreams can often be disturbing and terrifying. I can attest to having many intense dreams: ones where I have been savagely killed, ones where I have fought with and killed others, and different types of horrific scenes of torture, mutilation and punishment. Those types of dreams often "stick with me" for many hours or even days, which is why I fear that sleeping is not a guaranteed way to escape the here and now. I've also had recurring dreams that share the same characters, places, and scenery... scenery which I could describe in extreme detail if I had a talented artist to sketch out my dreaming state. In these dreams, I am not who I am in this life, nor do others appear as they do in this life. Is this another sign of reincarnation? That I have many lessons yet to learn, and I am being reminded of them through my dreams? My ethnic background includes strong ties to Native American culture, whom I know are firm believers that all dreams are "teaching dreams", be they pleasant or not. I do my best to interpret my dreams in this way, to translate what has occurred into something useful; something I need to pay attention to. The only other person I've met who has dreams on the same level as me is my sister, which supports my cultural theory. I am curious as to what your dreams may be like.

    Overall, I am grateful that my current life's purpose has brought me from New York to North Carolina, and subsequently introduced me to Sifu Sbarge, Lao Shr George Lu, Lao Shr Hank Kadel, Tim Starnes (who lead me to your blog), and many more names among the staff and students of The Peaceful Dragon that I'm sure you're familiar with. Where-ever we are going as a human race, I hope we all remember the impermanence of life and the importance of reveling in earth's beauty, and do not interpret the "race" part as anything tangible, segregated, or hurried. As much pain and suffering as there is in this life, our planet gives us so many gifts in so many different elements. It is a long-term project of mine to always remember this and be grateful... the thoughts you shared here have been an inspiration and an encouragement to me. Thank you.