Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wars Coming

I hate to say I told you so but since my last Blog about this President, all I said has transpired. Now we have State's going against our own Government, we have a war on the Mexcio border, which are getting worse by the day. We have uprisings now going on in Egypt, which are spreading all over the middle east. Now, Jaruslium feels the United States is abandoning them and just may have to take action on for their own survival.
We have a Government that is failing to provide jobs for the people. Our debt is growing in leaps and bounds, and this President just keeps spending. Now our Government is taking even more control over private industries,banks and our health programs. Our borders are so porous anyone can enter with a nuclear bomb. We have a congress that is so liberal we are on the verge of becoming a socialist county. I can only hope someone with common sense in this Government takes action to prevent a major War, which just may end our existence.

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