Monday, February 21, 2011


Life is a wonderful experience. It is a gift to be lived, something by which we learn by and grow. However, people will say today is a bad day or a good day. In reality, there is no bad day, it all good no matter what you may think. The thing that makes life a problem is not life but OTHER PEOPLE.

It is people who bring you problems, they way they view your thinking or the way you like to live. I believe we are born into the world to grow, to learn to become better, to find our real self and then, and only then do we move on to a better dimension of living. Science has now proven there are not just three dimensions of living, but they have now found eleven dimensions. However, I believe there are yet more to be discovered.

Just look at the world all the problems you see, why is this so? It is people who cause them. People starving, but why is this so? The answer is because people don't care. The food we throw out in this county each day would feed the starving people of the world now. Look at the countries that hate each other, why, it is the people and the way they think. They are right and you are wrong. Instead of letting people believe as they will and live as they will people are always trying to force their own way of thinking on others.

The world does not need to change. It is a perfect creation, unlike people. If people could change today the world would become a paradise this very day. The key is LOVE and Respect. Two words we use rather freely, but in reality, they are over used and meaningless. The bottom line is there are few if any problems. We have to learn to live and die according to nature laws. As i have stated often, there is no death, for energy can neither be created not destroyed, it only changes like water to steam and back to water.

Live fully without fear, threat those around as you would like to be treated, respects nature and have faith in the divine, for it exists, call it God or any other name you like, there is the perfection which we must all strive for, for when we reach this perfection problems will cease to be.

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