Sunday, October 31, 2010

This President

I don't say much about politics on our Kung fu page or facebook because I know how deeply entrenched people are into their beliefs. However, in this Blog I always say what is on my mind, and this is it.

This President, in my opinion, is the worst we ever had. I was joking with another Teacher and said I am dressing up this Halloween as the President and going out as a Failure..

This President,is sending the country down the socialist road. The people he knows and interacts with should be enough to show most people his inner thoughts and character. It is my guess, he will take this country down if left unchecked.

My prediction is this, if this president continues as he is doing now, this county will go down, I see wars. I see a breakdown again in the economy. I see civil unrest as never before in this country. I would like nothing better than to be totally wrong, but my guts say, I am right.. Time will time won't it.....

I am going on 69 years of age now, and I can honestly say I have never seen this country so divided as now.. My prediction is this country is on the verge of big change, and not for the better. I would like nothing better then to be wrong...


  1. Thank you for your frank and harsh words, Grandmaster. I think that you are correct about the direction the country is going.

    What I don't understand is why so many people, those who also see the dangerous road we are travelling, still look to the same politicians and broken systems as the salvation.

    Whether you think that the problem is Big Business or Big Government, looking to some elected official to solve our issues is not the answer. As members of ACCS schools, we understand the importance of the fundamentals: discipline, hard work, and attention to the basics.

    If our country is to be righted, we need to rediscover the fundamentals that made it successful to begin with: a commitment to freedom, hard work, and a personal responsibility to our communities. Ideas change the world, and we have the power to spread our ideas with our words and our works.

    In Peace and Light.

  2. Dear CARY:
    Sadly it seems I was right, since I wrote this message a while back. I think if he wins, which I don't think he will, things will even get worse then now. This President is dangerous!!!

  3. I don't agree. I voted for our current President. He has made crucial mistakes, yes, and has not lived up to much of what he promised during his campaigns. He has let down a great many people, myself included. Bell me which President has NOT gone back on his word or been backed into a corner by opposing forces?

    However - his essence has always been change. The (ridiculous) amount of money he is spending - and I say "he" lightly, as the President has but a minuscule amount of true, decision-making control - is an investment in our future which will take years to pay off. In today's society of immediate gratification and getting information at your fingertips in 140 characters or less, waiting for results is an impossible thing to expect. It's so easy to say "this isn't working" and place blame on someone else. We all point fingers, but if you're aiming at the President, you should be aiming at the majority of Congress, the House, the Senate, etc.

    The President has so many people against him that if he were to stop all of his initiatives right now, our country would collapse. Without the opportunity to see things through,we will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. We must continue to believe that the men and women who run our country are doing so for the greater good, not for investors and shareholders. Unfortunately, we live in a Capitalist nation. Socialism is just about as far away from being a reality in the US as is Confucius himself appearing out of thin air and taking command. If you really understand what socialism is, you'll see that our President's ideals are indeed far removed... so much so that I personally find the term insulting.

    No matter, what will be will be, and as always, the vote is down to the lesser of two evils.