Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Real Character

As my student Master level Eric Sbarge so apply put it " which would you rather have it say on your tombstone, " Here lies a man who could kick your butt" or " He lies a man who was compassionate, gentle and loving" Well said Eric!, because in essence that's what it is all about in life. Living life in harmony with others and the world around us. Here is another paradox of Taoist thought; You are important and unique, there is no question of that, and your existence matters so as to maintain the balance of the universe, but on the other hand you are insignificant in the scope of things.

What counts in life is how you deal with life. Don't take it so seriously, yet, don't' miss the chance, there is that annoying paradox of Zen again. It is important yet, it is unimportant, both exist, you have to balance the both of them. What matters is finding the balance of things, as the saying goes; a balanced scale neither goes up nor down, but rather finds it center and stops..

Nothing matters yet everything matters, down to the last second of human life. We have to find the important points of life. It not making money, or attaining the American Dream, it is finding peace, contentment, and banishing our fears. Money is meaningless paper. Yet people call money the root of all evil, still I say it is not, people are the root of all evil. Money is ok if you don't make it an another obsession. All you really need is a roof over your head for shelter and some food, maybe a place you can call your own where you can hide from the world , we tend to call this place... HOME. That's all you really need, all else it simply over extravagance, unneeded, garbage.

So what is good character? The dictionary defines it as : a quality indicative of the nature of an object or an organism. So, if you look you will see the word nature. So the word character doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means, like saying this person is; loyal, or selfish, or friendly, or nasty. This has nothing to do with our real nature. These are qualities are inherited by being infected by the illusion. Character means what is in your heart, knowing who and what you are. Knowing what's really important that brings you into balance with your nature. You are part of the Tao, there is no escape of what you are, Your were born out of existence, and will end by moving back into existence. Your character is that which comes with inherent humanness.

The character I speak of is your real character which comes from the Tao not society or your upbringing. But I ask you how real are you now, what role are you playing now, how are you fooling yourself today? As I keep reminding you, don't live by society rules, they changing day by day. Live by natures rules, have been in existence since the conception of time was realized. These are the essential rules to live by, it should be easy as this nature comes with your appearance into existence at the time of your birth, but the second after birth the conditioning starts and we loss our real nature into the ever developing illusion, obstructing the truth of who you are..

Be yourself, but without the phoniness society imposes on you. Live as you feel, and feel as you live, experience life as it was meant to be experienced before you were blinded by the illusion. There is no sin greater then missing the point of your existence. Because if you miss, you will continue to suffer, your life will be enslaved by your fears, you will continue to seek the unattainable from an illusion. The sad part is that you know it is a dream yet, your still pilled into it, helpless as a new born infant, this is the only sin. That's is why we all must continue to work toward freeing ourselves, so our real nature can emerge, this is enlightenment.

Your character is the same as mine, if we strip away the influences of society and reveal the dream for what it is, we will all understand this point clearly. We are the human animal, homosapien. As humans, we seek to understand and influence the environment around us by trying to explain and manipulate natural phenomena. Here is where we make the mistake, don't try to manipulate, rather we all must learn to flow with the Tao and again be part of our original nature. One who does, their character will naturally be a good one, for they will be in harmony with their naturalness and that naturalness is the Tao.

Buddha Bless

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