Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Great Search

Life is a search, a constant search, a desperate search but what your searching for you have no idea. All you know is your missing something but you know not what it is, so the search is always on.

Whatever you find never seem to be what your looking for, whatever you find bring you no satisfaction, your search leads you again to searching again for the elusive something that will bring satisfaction, but it never does.

There is a certain state of mind in which whatsoever you get is not going to bring you satisfaction. Frustration seems to be the destiny of humanity, because whatever you get becomes meaningless. The moment you get it, you start searching again.

The reason for this frustration is because what you are searching for does not quench the thirst of the soul. Until you find the truth it is like drinking salt water, the more you drink the sicker you become and the thirst is never quenched.

The answer lies in finding the truth, then the search is over, this is enlightenment, like drinking pure cool water, the thirst is GONE..........

There is nothing in the world that will help you, for Truth is not part of this illusion, it is fake, salt water, it looks like water but it is not, drinking it does nothing but make you sick.

Look for the reality, there you will find the cool stream you seek, the search will be over, your thirst will be quenched.........

A true martial arts school main focus is finding the pure stream of salt free water; thus bringing the follower the relief they seek in life. It is so much more them fighting, fighting is easy, just go slap someone in the face, and the fight is on, but try finding love, compassion, and forgiveness, and all fights come to an end. Truth will set you free of the eternal search.

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