Saturday, August 15, 2009

Martial Arts Beliefs

Tantra, Buddhism , Taoism all speak of finding the truth of existence. There will always be those who seek Religions, and some also practice Buddhism or Taoism or Tantra as a religion, but they are not. Once you change these philosophies into religions you are lost again. They are not religions they are philosophies that don't center on a God but rather theories of existence that make a great deal of sense when analyzed closely.

We as humans have always sought after the power that created the wonders around us. We associated all this with a being that did it all and it is this being who judges us and control all the wonders of the universe out of chaos, yet everything is perfect in every way. This order is unexplainable so they associate it a higher power, rather then the perfection of existence. The Chinese don't have a name for God, so they call it the workings of the Tao. A force that although appears to be chaotic is perfect. So we assume there is some kind of control, therefore there must be a God doing all this.

What is the Tao nobody knows, it is beyond our human comprehension. But logically speaking with such order out of disorder their must be some form of awareness of consciousness in control or everything would cease to exist. In reality there is nothing to pray to nothing to fear there is no sin there is no hell there is no heaven. There is only what you project to be real. The sad part of this is we are like a genie in a bottle, what we wish for will at some point come into existence. If you believe in a hell, you will create one. This story came's from the New Testament. The was a place just outside of Rome where dead bodies were dumped, it become know as the place of hell. So hell was born into the imagination, we create our a dream and believe in it and with this belief the dream becomes real in time.

There is a greater power, but don't associate it with some being who will judge you, you will in the final analysis judge yourself. There is no being that wants to dam you to eternal damnation, you will do that yourself, this your are capable of without the help of any one God. You are a product of nature, or should I say existence. Like all other creations you are subject to the laws of the universe, the laws of creation and destruction. You are never ending, you are nothing more then the matter which is physical material as opposed to spiritual; you are a substance of a particular composition and consistency ( mass,is a fundamental concept in physics) of the universe in human form.

If you understand all this and believe it you can live fear free knowing all is as it should be. That's you will never die, but only take on new form as matter evolves into a different form of mass. There is nothing good nor bad, it is only how you define things. Yet people live their lives in fear of breaking some kind of law that will condemn them to eternal punishment. They live the whole life in fear of doing something wrong. You cant ! You cant change your roll as a human, You can change your thinking but not your humanness. Just live as you feel this will come from your humanness, you don't need a manual on humanness, to find out how to live, or follow some prescribed way to live. A dog follow his nature, so should a human being. You would say it is ridiculous to have a bible for the dogs, they are dogs and should live as a dog lives and nothing more. Yet we do that already as humans. This is because humans don’t know who they are to begin with and the dogs do.

Fear freezes you up, restricts your life and happiness, All this comes from believing is children's stories. Free you spirit, live freely, you are intrinsically good, not evil. I ask you what in the universe is evil??? As they say:: Its all Good! Now live as you feel, and feel as you live...

Buddha Bless


  1. Rarely do I hear my own philosophy, on religion and our existence in the universe, put so succinctly. Religion itself is just a part of the dream. Accepting that you really are on your own and solely responsible for your own existence is a very difficult thing for most people. The security of having an invisible friend in the sky can provide great comfort to those still firmly attached to the dream.

  2. The dream is the most powerful influence there is, breaking free you become a Buddha.