Monday, July 20, 2009

People Just Don't Know the Truth

I don’t like to mention names, so I wont. I could easily point to names of so called Masters who are nothing but failed students who wish to make a name and money for themselves. I have had many so called instructors come to my school asking for instruction which is not unusual, having taught Teacher levels before, so this was not unusual, but when I saw the skill level of these so called instructors I thought my eyes failed me.

The basics of our Art were almost totally absent, and after asking them to take a simple stance I proved it to them by dropping them in their tracks. The very core of our teachings was absent, yet they were out there somewhere teaching unsuspecting students who would not know one stance from other unless taught properly. It is sad to think how our Art could be so badly represented, yet it is, and the newly inducted into the Arts suffer the loss of learning the true skills that comes with years of practice under the eye of a qualified Master.

I often tell beginners, you can learn the Art, even a child of two can learn this Art, WITH 50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. True skills are not instantaneous, it is knowledge gained and nurtured with years of experience, making the moves true to form. But if you really love what you doing then you don’t worry about how much time anything with take, you simply enjoy the journey, loving each passing year.

I started this Blog to get the attention of the public, for as a devoted follow of the Arts, my only wish is to see our Art spread to the public in its true form. Let the public beware and choose carefully if you really wish to learn the Arts as they were intended to be learned.

Check out the school thoroughly and ask for references and their lineage. Then make the effort to check it out what you find. If they are good you will find out and if bad you will find that out to.

If you find the right Master, they can change your life for the better, if you find the wrong teacher you gain little in the way of true skills, but for sure you will lose money and your precious time......

As they say, a True Master is like a candle, he exhausts himself in shedding the light of knowledge...

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  1. Shrfu,

    I am so glad to see you blogging! I miss the articles you would post and with the advent of RSS, blogging has been the new 'it' way of communication with large groups of people.

    Thank you for taking the time to blog for us.