Monday, July 20, 2009

Low Level Instructors

With the advent of Kung Fu in American along with that came many low level teachers. Some are becoming so called Black Belts in four to five years. If you got enough money just about anyone can now attain rank and call themselves Teachers. But the truth of the matter is it takes many years before one can call them self a Teacher. Reaching a Black Belt level is really just the start, not the finish of learning. In traditional schools it can take up to Ten Years before one is called a Teacher and even then they are not fully qualified in there teaching methods. In traditional schools a Teacher is made after many years and even then they stay with their Master until he or she feels they are ready to take on students of their own. Only after the Master sees just how they are teaching and passing on the Arts will they truly be acknowledged as qualified Teachers. If a person tells you they are a Teacher, always ask how many years have they been teaching and how long it took them to archive the level of Teacher, look for long periods of time, a few years just don’t make it in the Arts. Teaching is so much more then just showing moves, anyone can do that. Never settle for some young kid in the Arts, look for the Teacher who has years behind him or her and can be verified with their Master.

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