Monday, July 11, 2011

We Don't Die

The more I study the more I am convinced we never die. Many religions have stated the same in their beliefs, Of course some of us will believe it, while others will not. So what has convinced me to believe more, rather then doubt this is true?

Science has convinced me, especially if you look into quantum physics. This new science is revealing more of what reality is each passing day. What is consciousness, what is the soul, what is God? All these timeless questions are examined using quantum physics and it does give rise to possible answers. This science is revealing startling discoveries that can rattle the human mind.

Understanding this new science is extremely difficult. Even the best minds in the world cant say they understand all the implications of this study. But one thing is for sure, they do know there is many discoveries that point to new found answers we never knew until now about life death and the universe. Of course answers only bring more questions, however, what we thought to be true until now is changing rapidly each day by this ongoing study.

Of course scientists may differ in what all this means, but they do agree what we originally thought about the soul, consciousness, and god has changed since they looked into this new science. There does seem to be a divine order to creation and existence as we know it.

By the study of the atom and proton and neutron science has found reality to be very much different then what they thought. What is true reality is yet to be discovered, if that is possible at all. However, we do know it is not what we originally thought it to be.

They have also discovered by this new science the brain is more of a receiver of thoughts then a creator of thoughts. Also this thing we call the soul may well be connected to the universe, in ways never dreamed of before. All this is stemming from the study of quantum physics.

For those who doubt what I say, I suggest you do some self study into these matters and draw your own conclusions. In the end, what we all thought as just living and dying and nothing more, may prove to be the biggest illusion yet.

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