Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Students

I had the good fortune to have a number of Great Masters in my life, but a Great Masters are only as good as the student he/she teaches. Anyone one Master you ever meet can be one of the best, but if he/she doesn't impart their knowledge to others it will fade away in time. This is why Great Masters are always on the lookout for those special students they can reveal their secrets to.

A poor student is nothing but a waste of precious life time. A good student is a Masters greatest gift to preserve his or her knowledge for future generations. This is why Great Masters only had a few who they imparted their knowledge to. The reason is simply, great students are hard to find but when they find one they give them all they have.

My Masters were special people, they loved their Art above all else. None were rich as far as money was concerned, in fact they lived rather meager lives. Money was never their goal for teaching, only the love for what they did motivated them.

Each Master I met was unique in their own way, but the thing they did have in common was the Love for for their chosen Art. If your looking for a good Master look at their character, that will reveal their quality. If money drives them, back away and find another teacher, If they have no compassion or no strong faith in the spiritual find another Master. If they hold back knowledge after a long periods of time that have nothing to offer. If they only teach you about fighting and nothing else find another, there is so much more a Great Master can offer other then mere fighting to live a beneficial life, such as Wu-De and Spiritual Kung Fu.

Each of my Masters had the qualities I speak of. They were men driven by their principles and love for sharing their knowledge to those who stood up to their standards. None of them are alive now but they live on through those few they taught, those are the few I call the Great Students........

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