Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Kung Fu Fails!

As wonderful and powerful Kung Fu is for self defense, it can fail you, and here is when.
1. When you fail to practice enough to perfect your techniques.
2. When you fail to remember proper mind control, namely your fears.
3. When you think you cant lose.
4. When you fight for unjust reasons.
5. When you start fights.
6. When you fear using your techniques in fear of harming your opponent.
7. When you underestimate your opponent.
8. When you are unaware.

1. Practice your techniques realistically and work on variations.
2. Practice mind control techniques, this requires Chan (Zen) practice.
3. Practice as if your opponent has never been beaten, now go from there.
4. Practice restraint.
5. Practice humility rather then vengeance. Humility, compassion, and wisdom characterize the state of enlightenment
6. Practice justification of force.
7. Practice the principles of Sun Tzu.
8. Practice staying in the moment. Maximum clarity of your environment and situation at hand. This is Shaolin Chen.

The best of all solutions is never having to fight at all, when you do, you have already lost control of the situation....! But if no other way out, and you have followed the eight solutions mentioned above, you should emerge victoriously and unharmed. This is when Kung Fu Works!!!

Buddha Bless

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