Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Never Give Up

This art is wonderful for making you ready for the battle of life. If you stay and succeed in this art achieving a high level it is an indication you are on the verge of finding great self discipline and control over yourself so that the battles we all face in life will be under your control rather then running wild and out of control.

Life is a constant challenge, no day goes by without us having to make decisions and playing them out to a fruitful conclusion. But this take a strong mind and will to stick to your guns, it does not come without tempering yourself to deal with situations as they arise. You need to find that control of mind and body and this is what the Art is all about, becoming your own Master rather then the slave of others.

There will be days when you say, wow, I cant make workout, I am tired, or I have others things to do, or just missing one wont hurt me, I think I will relax today. These attitudes lead to defeat down the line in dealing with other matters other then the Gwan and its demands. Maybe the one workout missed wont hurt you, maybe it will because you have given in to your whims rather then saying NO! I will push myself to go, even if I am tired or busy with other matters. You just don't give in to being lazy or making excuses which is what Martial Arts pride themselves on, namely not giving up.

Most of the troubles in life will come from our own shortcomings to deal with situations and standing strong in the face of adversity. There are people who will try to deter you along the way, You have be a strong person to say, sorry, I have a class to make or sorry it is time for my home practice. The more you don't give into your self weaknesses, the stronger you get, in the final outcome nothing will ever deter you from completing tasks in life with a clear mind determination will to succeed.

I can say in all honesty I have never given in to myself when it came to training. When you do this, your life will revolve around your Arts, rather then the Arts revolving around your life. This in turn will lead you to self mastery which is the primary purpose of training, to change you into a strong determined individual who is independent and self sufficient and one sighted in your goals in life.

We all want to be happy in life, but happiness comes from making the right moves and to see the right move you must be clear sighted meaning you know the consequences of life are determined by your choices. Nobody can make the right choice for you, it must come from you and to come from you you must train yourself to be clear minded and follow through with any demands made to you. You never back off or slack off.

Yes, our Art is more the fighting, so much more! It is a Mastery over our weak self to that of the warrior self which lies within all of us. You just have to bring it out, then you can bask in the glory of your successes which come from proper decisions and follow through until what must be done is done. Don't let your life be guided by others, you must cut your own path in life, nobody can do that for you except yourself.

A Poem on the Arts


The bells ring and I detect incenses,
Butterflies in my stomach have cooled their senses.

Enter the armory as a mere man,
Leave as warriors of the same clan.

Spread to four corners on the hard floor,
Contorting our bodies to melt our core.

The time is close at hand, let us prepare,
Place your cloth on the ground and wipe the floor bare.

All in a row, we are stakes in the ground,
We do not move, do not make a sound.

The teacher comes forth and our journey begins,
We bow our bodies, but raise our chins.

The doors are flung open for all to know,
We're in his world now with no place to go.

Working long and hard without much break,
For those who quit quick this was a mistake.

I've tried my best and my muscles all ache,
Even ones I didn't know that I could awake.

Pushing the limit as far as we can,
Reaching our goals with a guiding hand.

But its over now and we must go,
What wills me to stay I do not know.

I am reminded that the test isn't done,
Because life is a game that cannot be won.

Though, if I take time to practice my skills,
I'll be scaling more mountains than hills.

*** Author: Poem by Marc Gatien
Posted on our ACCS Blog for public consumption.


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