Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Wonderful People of the World

Far too often the news media bring us all the bad news of the world. It would seem this is what draws people's attention. Sadly, their good deeds and works of the good people around this world are highly neglected. As for me, I would like nothing better than to see a news program that brings out the wonderful charitable deeds to so many people around the world.

The news seems to be about sensationalism, rather than emphasizing the good works of so many wonderful people in the world. The hungry, sick, the dying, are neglected, but thank goodness there are those who will make an effort to help these people in every way possible. Their primary objective each day of their life is to bring them some help and relief. It would seem to me, if the news would bring out more of these good deeds of these wonderful people it might set a good example for those who might be of some help to others, and just maybe more would take part in this wonderful and charitable undertaking.

What about those wonderful people who volunteer their time to feed the poor, to aid the sick and dying and to bring comfort to those who were alone in the world? How often do you see newscast highlighting these wonderful people? Sad to say, you might see one report of the charitable work that these people do as compared to numerous negative reporting.

Think of the countless thousands of people, women and children alike who are starving this very moment. Yet here in America we throw away in one day, enough to feed all the hungry people of the world. Think of those who spend a dollar or two for ice cream soda or McDonald's hamburger when that same two dollars could be bring relief to those suffering. Needless to say, living in this world is hard enough as it is, but if we had more giving people we could alleviate a huge amount of problems that persist throughout the world right now. Yes, there is charity wards, and institutions such as the American Red Cross will try their very best to bring relief to those in suffering. But compared to the population of this world, they are few in number.

There are people in this world right now living on his little as a dollar a day. How is one expected to care for and feed a family on this trivial amount of money? Instead of telling the story of these wonderful people who volunteer their services on a daily basis, the news likes to highlight negative news. Needless to say, the news is a powerful medium that can be used to help many people throughout the world, yet because of TV ratings they tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive.

On anyone news broadcast, you would be lucky to see one uplifting news report. The rest is concerned about who's persecuting who, and any other story that might be considered just pure sensationalism. Obviously, we cannot cure all the ills in the world but if people had more of a charitable heart we could save many people from starvation, sickness and death.

Right now we are in an election year, but I think it would be safe to say no matter who is elected as our new president, few things will really change when it comes to helping the poor. Just imagine for a moment, how this world would change in an instant if we all join together to help one another.

They say to make it in the world one needs a good education. But how many can truly afford the tuition and fees to attend a worthwhile college. To the poor and hungry, this is but a dream that will never be fulfilled. We often fail to realize how fortunate we really are simply to have a roof over our head and some food on the table. Far too often, we simply do not appreciate what we have, as compared to those who have nothing.

When I was a child, at dinner time, if I did not clear my plate of every speck of food my father would often remind me by saying," son, do you realize right now some would kill just to get the remaining bits of food on your plate?" I never forgot those words, and even to this day I have never thrown food away.

I have often spoke of the evils of the world, but I feel it is now time for me to speak of those wonderful people who was so giving of themselves to help others. I have come to realize, everyone is my brother and sister under the skin, and I ask you what brother or sister would not help their siblings?

Did you ever wonder for a moment why charities or even instituted? The reason should be obvious, if people didn't organize such charities nothing would be done to help the unfortunate people of the world. It will indeed be a glorious day and bring a smile to the face of God himself, when people start caring more for their brothers and sisters who are in need.

I am a firm believer of that old saying money is the root of all evil. I can recall in the 60s and 70s when communes was started throughout the country. For those who may not be familiar with this concept, a commune was a place where all people worked without the need for money but rather to help one another without financial gain. Sad to say, because of today's society communes are rare indeed, If you can find one at all.

In conclusion, it is my hope and prayer that one day people will realize it's not all about material things. But rather for our society to live in peace and harmony with each other, and wipe out poverty where ever it may exist. It is my hope, the next time you see a person in need do what you can to help. It will be a blessing long remembered in your afterlife. Truly, the act of giving will warm your heart. Whereas, only taking will harden your heart for more materialistic things which will only wither away in time. Remember, there are no pockets in a shroud; you cannot take material things to the grave. However, the one thing you can take to the grave is the knowing you have lived to help others; this I assure you will bring you a sense of peace.

I am not a rich man, nor do I long for riches. My needs are few, simply clothing to keep me warm and food to nourish the body. It really does not take much to make people happy, other than the necessities of life. My final bit of advice, is try giving more and taking less. You would be amazed how good this makes you feel that you have done your part as a human being.


  1. You have been on my mind alot recently. While it seems difficult right now you are strong and will prevail. Always wishing and praying for you and yours. Ted

  2. Have fun rotting in jail pervert!

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