Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Meaning of the Shao-lin Creed

This is from my unpublished book on Shao-lin.

The code, or Way, as it is called in the martial arts, is
The cement, or root of Shao-lin Ch'uan. By following the Way, the
Traditions of Shao-lin are preserved while living the life of a
Shao-lin disciple. To follow the Way is not an easy task. Many
Come to Shao-lin to try, and soon leave. The effort is just too
Much for the average person. You must be a cut above average to
Succeed in Shao-lin. The code is demanding, with no exceptions to
The rules. The rules are simple, as there is only one objective,
And only one way to obtain that objective. You simply have to
Wake up. By adherence to the Way of Shao-lin one will surely
Awaken. Then Shao-lin will take on its true meanings. Those who
Cannot follow the code of Shao-lin will fall by the wayside
Before long. The illusion of life is extremely difficult to
Overcome. It takes a special person, with deep convictions and
Determination, to succeed in Shao-lin training. The code also
sorts out those who might learn the arts for the wrong
Reasons. Because the code exists, the art of Shao-lin has been
Preserved to this day. Those who follow the code are called
Traditionalists. They follow their predecessors' teachings
Without question. They know there is no need to question.
Questions bring more questions and they are tricks of the mind.
There is no need to improve on what is already good. There is no
Better way, only one Way. There is no superior art or person.
Those who follow the Way know this, and therefore, ask no

When I am talking about fighting skills, I say Shao-lin
Ch'uan. When I talk about the higher realms of training, I say
Shao-lin. The former is the outer and the latter is the inner.
The outer will return to the earth, the inner will return to the
Tao. The code is the path to the Truth, the true purpose of Shao-lin.
Those who become teachers in Shao-lin take an oath to follow
The way of our predecessors to ensure the future of Shao-lin
Ch'uan. Without this code of martial arts, Shao-lin Ch'uan would
Be no different than any other pugilistic form. It is the code of
Shao-lin that differentiates an art form from a sport. Without
The code, the study of Shao-lin would, in the long run, become
Tedious and boring. For once you have reached your top physical
Development, where else is there to go? What road is there to
Travel? When the physical challenge is over, boredom sets in.
Soon your interest will be taken by something else. As age
Weakens your fighting ability, you come to realize the physical
Skills of Shao-lin are passing away. All that training for a few
Years of top skill. Enjoy it, for it will change as death draws

Without the code the whole purpose of Shao-lin study losses
Significance. Why even bother? It is Shao-lin's deeper meanings
That make Shao-lin worth while. It is the Way (code) that makes
Shao-lin study worth anything at all. As one of my teachers once
Said, " When you're dead, of what value are the martial skills to
You?" Of course, none at all. The outer skills die with you, the
Inner cultivation lives on for eternity.

Those who follow the Way only become stronger in time. Their
Inner strength will be glowing with chi. Where the physical is
Lacking the awakened mind will compensate. Your kung fu moves are
Perfect, for error cannot exist in the awakened mind. The
Simplest of moves will be totally effective and simple for the
Master. It is the cultivation of the code that brings with it
Everlasting rewards that can be carried past death's door and
Into the next existence.

1 comment:

  1. So then what is the difference between Your Way

    and the the Way of Christianity? When I hear someone say that no questions are to be asked and expect blind obedience that sounds like yet just another name for organized religion. I have found the way with no formal training, my mind is always at peace, an inwardly Silent,

    Psalm 62:1

    For God alone my soul waits in silence;
    from him comes my salvation.

    That is the way, Simple, Effective, Practical and it works 100% of the time.

    However, I would have not of found that way unless I questioned everything.

    As a wise friend once said, it is never wrong to accept a piece of fruit, it is only wrong to accept it without determining if it is real or not.

    One day I came to your school and I stood in front of one of your teachers, I walked right up to him, without saying a word, probably a little closer than I should have.

    Yet the man said to me, Well you certainly don't have a confidence Problem, LOL.

    I am a student of Self Study, always have been and always will be.