Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life Can Be a Dream or a Nightmare

The Buddha said life is but a dream an illusion, but I would like to add, it can also be a nightmare.. Life is brief indeed, before you turn around you are old and sick. We tend to think life is long, but just stop and think for a moment, if your a teen where did you childhood go? If you are a young man or woman where did you teens go? If you are middle aged where did your youth go? In reality you don't remember your day to day existence in details, It fades into a blur, you only remember bits and peace's of thousands of days you have lived.

In the course of time we are here on earth for just a brief moment of time, just passing through as they say. We are born, go to school, then work and raise a family, retire if we are lucky to live that long, and pass away. So little time for any enjoyment, problems are many, and joys are few. Buddha did say, life is pain and suffering, and he was right. Yet with all these facts of life people don't know how to get along in peace and love. Wars rage, the killings go on, people hating people. Humans just go on blaming others for their faults, neglecting their own faults. Making judgements and inflecting more pain on each other, like just living life is not enough pain and suffering, so we make more for each other.

Just watch the news on TV for a day and you will see most of the news is bad, depressing and negative. Did you ever watch the news and say what a great day!? The news never changes no matter what's going on, shut it off for a year and turn it back on only to see the same things going on, just a different date and time is the only difference. The news is constant reminder of the many tragedies going on day by day. The deaths, the accidents, the sickness, the staving people. If you find one story of someone doing good , well he is a hero the unusual story for the day.

Mankind has not yet learned, we are making headway but so very slowly. Christ said don't judge others for you will be judged by your own standards. Yet we go on making judgements as to who are right and who is wrong, but who in fact is perfect? In the Chinese assessment, being a judge is not a good job. Who can judge others? Are we all not without sin of some kind. Who is to say what is right or wrong to begin with? We keep putting people in prison, the United States has more people in prison then any country in the world. And with each new stupid law that is passed more are convicted, it never ends, the real criminals are those who create the laws, yet they run free and control the country.

Those who have had a NDE ( Near Death Experience) have come back to say, they discovered there is no wrong, what you call bad or wrong is only a lesson to learn to be better the next time around. Those who have died and are revived come back knowing the real values in life, which is all about LOVE!. Love your neighbor as yourself was said by Christ, who really does this?. Give where you can and don't get lost in the material world, this is a waste of time and energy as well as life. Usually those who have survived a NDE change their life completely, their whole life turns towards Love and helping others, they give up the quest for material goods and focus on the blessings life can offer. They strive to help others in need and find compassion for the those who suffer. They lose their fear of death, and saver life and strive to be more giving, rather then accumulating wealth, fame or power.

In reality you have nothing to begin with, as they say in Taoism, all you own is only borrowed for a short time. Did you ever to stop to think, when you pass away from this world where all you so called possessions go? They simply disappear into time and fade away. What remains is only a memory and that to will fade in time. I ask you, who was your great grandfather, or his father? You don't know, you can only trace your family lineage back so far, then it is but a blur, meaningless to you and the way you live. You search your lineage because you are trying to find out where you came from, while this answer wont come from searching out dead relatives, it can only come from learning about your true nature, your connection to the universe. That is the source of your creation, the spirit, the light!

So what is important then? Love is important and and giving and sharing is important. The more you give the better you feel, the more you love the more you will be loved. Helping others is important, we are all brothers and sisters under the skin. We all are part of the great mystery of life and come from the same source. We all will go back from where we came from namely the spirit, back into the light. Yes, Buddha was right, he found peace by discovery of his true nature. If we just stop and think and realize this world is not ours, it belongs to the next generation and then only for a short time, then they disappear as well, everything is temporary. In time the whole world will disappear, constant change, constant creation and destruction, the cycle never ends.

Life does have a purpose, and that purpose is to find yourself. As they great saying goes "Know Thyself" two simple words, these words are of eternal significance. No better advice has ever been given to man or woman yet the least understood.. But if known, you will change for the better. Who are you? Where did you come from? Where are you going? What is your purpose in life? Find these answers and there you have it, the meaning of your existence and your purpose for living.

Love is a state of being, a condition of soul, and it is an action. Love is thus both a noun and a verb. There is no love present if it is not evident in one’s actions and thoughts. Because love is a state of soul it colors our thoughts and necessarily creates love around us. Only in practicing love do we learn about ourselves and we evolve as human beings. Only in practicing love and being in love do we gain wisdom which transcends knowledge—the wisdom of mysticism. Love, therefore, is the higher form of knowledge, the gateway to Wisdom. If you find yourself then and only then life becomes the dream rather then the nightmare...


  1. Indeed...a lot of wisdom there. I've always had to learn these lessons the hard way. God, how much pain could I have avoided had I taken these truths to heart a long time ago. It took me years to realize all this stuff. To overcome my own racial prejudices based on my "false view" and listening to propaganda and negativity in the news and through TV and movies. Then finally to come out of it realizing we are in this together and underneath our culture and conditioning we are basically all the same. Wish I had heard these words many years ago.

  2. Don't feel that way, we are all learning each day of our life and will until our last breath. The real key to life is LOVE for everyone and everything that exists. I too am learning to love more forgive more and accept more. None of us can avoid pain,life is pain and through it we grow.