Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Books and DVD's

I just published two New Books and DVD's on Grand Master Chang's styles of Kung Fu. So far the feed back is good other then one or two who expect more. Actually the Tai Chi book has been almost all redone and I believe for those who wish to learn this from can do so with this book and DVD. The Hsing Jing DVD some said was a bit short, but the DVD combined with the book gives anyone looking to learn his Form can do so. My intent was only to reveal Grand Master Chang Form, experts can then drew their own conclusions of how the great Master viewed forms and how hew modified them to his liking.

Of course I don't go into his Shuai Chiao applications for the form, as that was not my intent or goal, but rather to disclose his form for the first time which was my goal. This I believe I have done, plus I added a version of the Overcoming Form known as Hsing Jing Ker Fu. This form show how he applied the moves for combat.

Anyone with a background in the Traditional Hsing Yi form will notice the differences in the flow that Master Chang applies. It simply runs much smoother as compared to the Traditional style Plus he uses different hand weapons and moves. I have traveled the world to get one Simple Form, so to me anything and everything is well worth it to those who love Kung fu. I hope many of you feel the same.

Anyone interested can order these books and DVD's on my web page at

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